RSS and Atom

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Why there's no rss feed for this blog

I'm taking a stance against RSS. The format itself is great, and I make use of "RSS Readers" to consume a lot of content, but RSS itself is a dead format to me.

What's wrong with RSS?

RSS is an incredibly old format and it's not used for it's initial purpose. RSS was initially envisioned as a format named RDF; intended to be used to summarise the content of a site. RSS evolved out of this format, and still carries some baggage because of it.

RSS Shortcomings

What should I use instead?



Atom is a superior format in almost every respect, solving every shortcoming addressed above! There are no modern feed readers that do not support atom.

This blog provides an Atom feed, in the future it might provide a jsonfeed but this is not well supported by most feed readers.

While writing this



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